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Australia leads the world in awning design, due to our perfect climate which allows us to live and entertain outdoors. The Alpha Awning Series has been designed by Australians, specifically for our lifestyles, ensuring design, styling and quality were top of mind. The modern awning series is suited to all building exteriors.

Featuring 4 matching awning styles including Straight Drop, Cable Guide, Side Retention System and Pivot Arm, you can personalise the perfect awning to suit your external shading requirements in 5 easy steps.

Straight Drop – Sleek and simple with a modern aesthetic, suitable for the traditional window frames.

Cable Guide – The ultimate industrial look which gives you privacy and allows ventilation.

Side Retention System – Ideal for high wind areas. Completely enclosing an outside area, with no gaps for dust and dirt to enter.

Pivot Arm – Perfect for outward opening windows, to circulate air flow and reduce direct sunlight into the home.

Closed Headbox – Encapsulates the fabric from external elements such as rain, UV and fragments which assists in keeping the fabric clean and enhances longevity.

Open Headbox – Ideal for the Pivot Arm Awning but can also be used in front rolled Straight Drop and Cable Guide Awnings.

Open Roller – A modern industrial look is offered by exposing the operation componentry. By eliminating the aluminium headbox profiles the price is significantly reduced making it the ideal choice to reduce cost.

Spring Operation – The ultimate control that allows you to manually adjust the height of the awning and secure using either the sliding bolt system or hold down clip option.

Manual Crank – The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependent on your strength. Available in a selection of Black, Grey and White for improved colour co-ordination.

Motorisation – Control your awning with a touch of a button utilising motorisation. The Alpha Awning Series can be fitted with the latest Automatic Tensioning Motors that permit awnings to be locked in position (with strap or sliding bolt) and tensioned. This maintains tension on the fabric minimising fabric “blow outs” traditionally caused by unexpected high winds.

Weight Bar – The heavy duty bottom rail has been designed to offer an additional weight bar, this is beneficial for smaller awnings that require additional weight to reduce bottom rail bounce and increase fabric tension.

Locking Bolt – The locking bolt secures the awning into the universal floor mount bracket or breeching staple.

Hold Down Strap – Hold down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points across the width of the awning. This option also offers a traditional no guide system where the awning is simply locked into place via straps. Similar to the locking bolts, the hold down clips also insert inside the bottom rail for a clean bottom rail finish.

There are numerous choices of awning fabrics on the market, when selecting your fabric keep the following in mind:

Air flow – Clear PVC is great for unrestricted view through and when air flow is not an option, but very hard to maintain. If you are enclosing a verandah or patio, consider if you still want to have a nice cool breeze coming through. If this is required, ensure you select an open weave fabric (mesh) with around 5% openness.

Privacy and view through – There are open and closed weave awning fabrics. Consider if you want day or night time privacy. An open weave fabric in a dark colour gives fantastic view through in the day, but also allows others to see in at night.

Alpha Awnings come with a 5 year warranty on components and fabric, terms and conditions apply.

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